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Friday April 6th 2018

10:00 PM until 02:00 AM

NEoN: STRANGEWAYS at Belvedere's Ultra-Dive

indie dance meets 80s dance party
Strangeways series Club Night
Belvederes 4016 Penn Ave Pittsburgh
$5 21+
1 users attending

sw:neon iv

if you're anything like the interns at "STRANGEWAYS" hq, occasionally you'll find yourself wandering aimlessly along the dusty, deserted streets of lower lawrenceville in the early, early morning longing for simpler times. thoughts wander back to the days of cinder-colored drop ceilings, a thunderbird cafe that was open for business, and an old new amsterdam that possessed just a single story.

and maybe it might've been one too many tall boys stained with black lipstick, or an overabundance of ginger whiskeys that make your mind feel like a fuzzy striped sweater, but you SWEAR that wafting down through the row houses on fisk street you hear three faint simple words whispering on the wind:

"you... are... beautifulll..."

and it's then that you remember:

all those major toms with bad reputations that need you tonight and lovecats with hearts of glass that got the beat and take you on. private eyes under pressure and rock lobsters that haven't got a stitch to wear. punctual, church-attending west end boys destined to prove their love to material girls that claim they've never met anyone quite like you before but still find this happens all the time.

and you know in your heart, this must be the place.

yes, it may seem odd to place such a strong emphasis on an arbitrary fixed time period that is truly only relative to the great cosmic indifference of celestial activity. but those legendary n.e.o.n. eighties parties of yesteryear were an epoch in the history of pizzburgh dance night sensations, and they say it's important to remember your roots.

so periodically the "STRANGEWAYS" party planners like to fastpass down memory lane and dedicate an entire evening to the spot where it all began: the splendor of new era oldies night at our home-away-from-home, good ol' belevedere's.

we've put some new needles on the decks, dusted off the hatesyou 2.0 moving mannequin, and plugged a few fresh 5.25 inch floppy discs into the commodore 64 that serves as its brain module. this unflappable, record-juggling vinyl jockey music machine provided us with our own weekly xanadu for so many years, it's time to give her a little respect, s-dubs style!

we hope you'll join us for this special night. xoxo

with djs jesley snipes & the comeback kid
and very special guest: dj hatesyou 2.0
•visuals by marie mashyna•
friday, april 6th 2018
belvedere's ultra dive
10pm // $5 // 21+

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NEoN: STRANGEWAYS at Belvedere's Ultra-Dive