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Monday August 13th 2018

07:00 PM until 12:00 AM

ITWxW: Find your Electribe with Heidy P., DJ Luna Nixxx, gfx

The gfx monthly residency at Ace Hotel continues its expansion!
Ace Hotel Pittsburgh 120 S Whitfield St Pittsburgh
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The gfx monthly residency at Ace Hotel continues its expansion!

In partnership with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, every 2nd Monday we'll be offering a musical instrument / production WORKSHOP & PLAYGROUND ~ BEFORE ~ IN THE WEEDS from 7-9:30PM to give you more of the sounds you love. Come make some noise with us! FREE & open to the public, all-ages welcome. :)

* WORKSHOP: HEIDY P. (Montreal), The Korg Electribe > 7-9:30PM, Gym

WORKSHOP: This workshop is inspired by electronic beats that are equal parts freeform & grit (from Lisbon’s Desterronics to Pittsburgh’s Shawn Rudiman) thanks to a machine that can take you all over the map. With over 400 sounds on tap, the Korg Electribe is much more than a typical drum machine! You can construct 16-part arrangements, synchronize with other Korg instruments, and even export your productions as an Ableton Live set. Heidy P. is a DJ, musician, and educator who has lived and worked across Europe and North America. Initially focused on rock, over the years she has gone deep into house, disco and techno. She hosts a monthly show on Radio Quantica, and produces guest mixes for online stations like Rinse France and The Lot Radio. Montreal is her hometown where she has hosted many late night events in unusual settings, like an old printing factory and a dominatrix loft.

WEEDS: DJ Luna Nixxx hails from a small town south of Pittsburgh and has made an escape to the city. Graduating with an associates in sound engineering and a vast skillful background of many instruments, Luna Nixxx, also known as “Vanessa Lacey Shock”, brings you a taste of her musical ear and love of the many genres of electronic music.

* * * ABOUT * * *

The WORKSHOP: we've invited local & visiting artist-educators to take inspiration from electronic music pioneers past & present in choosing a piece of gear from the library’s collection to share with you. They will show you the basics, along with some pro-tips & tricks to achieving that sound that may have been stuck in your playlist or between your ears. :))

The PLAYGROUND: CLP offers a special selection from their ever-growing instrument collection that you can play with at your own pace. Explore or perfect your skills in a chill atmosphere, and remember, you can always check out this equipment from the library to take home for more fun!

CLP: The Music Department at the CLP – Main Library has a growing collection of musical instruments and gear available for FREE check out and in-house exploration. The collection includes analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, guitar pedals, microphones, ukuleles, a Moog Theremin and more.

For more information visit the Library’s Music Resources page
or contact a Music Librarian at 412.622.3105,

Big thanks to CLP for partnering on this program and Ace Hotel for the continued support. This has been a goal of ours since we began ITW and we couldn't do it without you!

* * * *

gfx is a collective of women and non-binary individuals who stand for ownership and representation in the nightlife community.

We host a resident party at Hot Mass every 5th Saturday, Ace Hotel Pittsburgh’s monthly “In The Weeds” second Mondays, a sober after-hours called “Tea Time” during the cold months at Dobra Tea (Pittsburgh, PA), and special events all over. We welcome people of all identities.

gfx strives to create responsible spaces and is committed to your physical and emotional safety at events. If you witness or experience harassment, discrimination, or behavior that poses as a potential threat during your time at In The Weeds x Workshop, we encourage you to speak with a gfx member or Ace Hotel staff. We take these issues seriously, and are an open door to answer questions, and assist as best we can. We want you to have a great night -- know that you can reach out to us at any time.

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ITWxW: Find your Electribe with Heidy P., DJ Luna Nixxx, gfx