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Saturday December 7th 2019

08:30 PM until 02:30 AM

Electrical Tape II: Angel Freak Assembly

noise-freak danceparty
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at Collision, e-mail for address

Heidi Lorenz-Wettach uses tactless noise, subtle ambient vocals, idiomatic synth and electronic percussion to craft unique anti-anthems of perseverance, desire and despair. She has performed across Europe, Australia and NYC venues and festivals such as Ende Tymes, Unsound, Elsewhere, Cross Club (CZ), The Glove, and Coaxial (LA).

punk fusion, multi-genre enby artist, here to take over

electronic dance tapestry and noise decoupage

▲▲▲L I L I T H ▲▲▲
electronic/ human/ instrument performance

▲▲▲1980 SPECIAL TWIN▲▲▲
industrial motorcycle dance music

▲▲▲video installation by JEENA YIN▲▲▲

▲▲▲afterparty with DJ MUSHINE GURL▲▲▲
jungle/ hardcore rave music

$10-15, Doors at 8:30, music at 9:00
all-ages, no underage drinking

Added by Geoffrey Maddock

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Electrical Tape II: Angel Freak Assembly